Durable Workboots Maker

Waterproof Leather

Special treatment applied by tannery to resist water.

Electric Shock resistant

OMEGA symbol indicates footwear designed to protect the wearer from live electrical circuits of 18,000 Volts with 1.0 mA permissible leakage current under dry conditions.

CSA Certification

Passing Canadian standard, certifies sole puncture protection with Grade 1 protective toe (withstand impact up to 125 joules) Used in any heavy industrial environment, in hazard areas with sharp objects present (such as nails).

Lightweight 3M Thinsulate™

Insulation provides maximum warmth and superior comfort by combining 3 types of high performance fibers. Thinsulate Insulation combines moisture-resistance, breathability and warmth and even retains its effectiveness in damp conditions.

HYDRI-TEX Waterproof System

Bootie shape system designed with seam sealed, hydrophobic and breathable membrane providing an impenetrable barrier keeping water out while allowing body generated moisture to escape.

Heel Bump Membrane

High density foam adds extra cushion to reduce heel pressure and absorb shock.

Texon® Midsole

Supportive structure between the insole and outsole diminishes the load incurred by the wearer’s feet and calves. (In general, most of our shoes have a Texon® midsole unless they have been outfitted with a puncture resistant midsole.)

UNISOLE Technology

Exceptional design interacts with dual-density polyurethane components, giving superior comfort and shock absorbing. The unique compounds increase oil and acid resistance levels at light weight comfort.

Removable Quad-Density Footbed

Provides full cushion comfort, absorb shock, breathable and wicks moisture to keep your foot dry & cool. Wing arch gives extra support and minimizes fatigue.

L-Protection® Feature

Provides puncture resisting of sharp objects from penetrating the footbed made of flexible, high-tenacity fabrics for extra comfort. (ASTM F 2412)


Boot saver cap to give the front of the shoe more life from hazards. DURATOE technology offers safety without compromise comfort.

Corrosion Resistant Safety Toe

Steel Cap meets ASTM F2413-11 F1/75 C/75 EH ratings, for maximum protection.

King Toe

Designed with extra wide and extra high toe space for superior comfort.

Steel Shank

For support structure and stability.

Goodyear(TM) Welt Construction

Strongest type of footwear construction using genuine denier yarn sewn to top of the welt.