Durable Workboots Maker

How do I care for my King Rocks shoes and boots?


1. Remove loose dirt from shoe by knocking them together. Then clean thoroughly with a sponge or brush.
2. Apply leather cleaner and scrub gently with rag, then wipe off cleaner and dirt with a clean cloth.
3. Boots should then be dried naturally in a cool, dry place, as high heat can remove oils in the leather.  Do not heat dry the boots with a hairdryer or open flame, as doing so can damage the product
4. To add oil to the leather, apply Mink Oil as directed.  Repeat this process when you notice leather is losing its color or appearing dry or scuffed.


1. Remove dirt with a suede cleaner kit brush.
2. Clean heavy dirt with suede clean. Do NOT use leather cleaner for rough-out leathers, as it will stain and change the texture of the leather.


1. Remove inside inserts from the shoe, if possible. If NOT leather, wash them on a cool setting using a mild detergent. Allow inserts to air dry.
2. Scrub any remaining dirt off with an old toothbrush.  Wipe the outsoles with a damp cloth