Durable Workboots Maker


About King Rocks


Our mission is straightforward.  We are devoted to providing extraordinary footwear to Americans.  We define as “extraordinary” the constant development that our product lines go through, in order to excel in features such as durability, protection, comfort and easier to care for than ordinary shoes and boots.  It is a mission that resonates well with our customers and we continue to keep our domain by providing customers with affordable yet durable and protective footwear.

King Rocks is a brand stands for innovation.  A variety of advanced technology is used in creating a diverse line that combines perfectly the safety features of a work boot such as steel toe, puncture resistant, waterproof, and non-slip soles with every day activities.

Our customers matter the most to us.  We continue to maintain high level of standards with material and components used in our footwear.  We are committed to developing, updating, and improving our product lines to provide the best quality footwear to our consumers.